3 Types of Family Law Cases

There are different types of laws and different courts for each law. Family law refers to legal matters concerning the family. Family lawyers like Cordell & Cordell are trained and educated to deal with cases in family court. Family lawyers like the Cordell & Cordell team specifically specialize in domestic or family litigation. Exactly what cases fall under this classification though? Here are three types of cases that would fall under family law.

  1. Child Custody

Child custody cases are one type of case commonly handled by family lawyers. Usually, this involves the settling of custody of a child between divorced parents. However, sometimes this type of cases involves other family members trying to gain custody of a child who is related to them but not their child. Custody cases can become very messy and tangled and involve large amounts of money. Therefore, it is best to have a good family lawyer if you are fighting for custody of a child.

  1. Will

Family lawyers can also be hired to draft and handle wills. They give you advice and make sure that your will is carried out after you have passed on from the world. They can make sure your possessions and estate are properly distributed to who you want them to be distributed to after your death.

  1. Abuse

If you are ever embroiled in an abuse case, you should contact a family lawyer. Family lawyers handle both child abuse and domestic abuse cases.

There are more than three kinds of cases in family law of course. However, these are three of the major types of cases handled by family attorneys. Should you ever become involved in any of these types of cases or in a legal case involving a non-criminal conflict in your family, you should consider contacting a family attorney to help you resolve your issues in court or receive advice.

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