3 Ways of Using Technology to Attract New Clients

The growth of technology has brought about marked reductions in the physical work needed as part of everyday life. As a matter of fact, the new technology in the Digital Age has completely eliminated most of the physical activities.

In the retail industry, reaching out to clients has become a difficult task, given the rapidity with which new businesses are developing. Therefore, regardless of whether your business operates offline or online, keeping your business afloat needs you to engage in modern practices, like technology. If you have a business, you can use technology to attract new clients through:

  1. Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are among the best marketing tools for luring new clients while retaining the existing ones. For the past few years, loyalty programs have tremendously changed, and today, they have become highly efficient, creative, and unique. When executed and planned properly, they may be useful for clients and businesses.

To increase customer retention and ROI, you can expand your programs to incorporate behavioral and social actions, like points for user-generated content and referral rewards. The expansion will depend on the combination of customer loyalty software and careful planning.

However, if it’s worth the effort, then you can use the programs to:

  • Gather helpful data
  • Save cash
  • Increase sales
  • Improve communication
  • Increase revenue
  1. Email Marketing Campaigns

It’s not enough to send emails with a compelling and catchy subject into your client’s inbox. The readers need to have a context, which lets them know why they received the email in the first place. Email marketing content should not be just a done and one-time message, but instead, it has to be among a comprehensive marketing strategy. This is what’s referred to as lifecycle email marketing. It might be effective if you use it with email tracking for Outlook to reach out to a wider audience through subscriptions, promotions, onboarding, and transactions.

However, at times, subscribers may lose interest and stop responding to your emails. When they do, you can use your relationships established by existing clients to analyze where the problem comes from. Therefore, it would be vital to know that not every client is interested in all your services and products. To attract more clients, you can consider personalizing content and come up with a survey.

  1. Social Media Marketing

The best social media marketing strategy is a boon to entrepreneurs regardless of whether they’re running a small or big business. In today’s market, where competition is very serious, social media marketing is becoming an indispensable medium of attracting more clients and creating brand awareness.

When you are planning to launch new products or market your services, it becomes important to establish a good relationship with potential clients by engaging them on social media. To attract clients on social media, you may create and share educational content. Clients are audience on social media, so providing step by step instructions, product demos, and how to do videos can help you position your business as an authority.

Apart from sharing educational and informative content, you may also need to:

  • Encourage social proof
  • Be visible on social media
  • Practice social listening
  • Begin conversations with clients

Concluding Remarks!

Keeping clients engaged is challenging. The internet has a lot of distractions, including cat videos, BuzzFeed, and Game of Thrones recaps. Hence, it’s vital to stay ahead of the game with an appealing and fresh customer-engagement strategy, which speaks to your demographic.

Although conventional advertising mediums, like billboards, newspapers, and television, are still important, your business needs to consider other channels so as to stay ahead of competitors and connect with a target market. Whether you are running an online or land-based business, using loyalty programs, social media, and email marketing campaigns will help you attract more clients.

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