Adoption Support for Families

Adoption is a lifelong journey and having support throughout is a valuable asset. During the application process, and even during the adoption process, many families need additional support to help build healthy and trustworthy relationships.

By receiving ongoing adoption support, adopters can gain an understanding of the potential impact which abuse, neglect and trauma in which a child could be affected by. Previous trauma can impact an individual’s behaviour and having effective adoption support can equip them with stable and secure attachments, and establish trust.

Local authorities have a duty of care, where they should offer to assess the support needed for anyone who might find themselves affected by an adoption placement. Not only does this apply to the adopted child, but it applies to the adopters, the birth parents and any other close relatives.

By taking into account the birth parents, the local authorities can provide the support needed. However, the guidance suggests that most of the time it would be more appropriate for adoption support to be provided to any affected by a specialist agency or an individual of the local authority. This will especially apply if the child is to be placed for adoption where the parents do not wish for the circumstances.

Available Support

Counselling is usually provided as support, this helps a parent comes to terms with the loss of their child. However, sometimes this support may not be appropriate or sufficient when they find their child being taken into care.

In the early stages, parents need advice on whether or not they should allow the adoption to go ahead, legal advice and emotional support to help them get through the process. You might find that after providing support for these stages, grief counselling might be the next appropriate step.

If you are looking for adoption support then you should consider getting in touch with a specialist psychology therapist at meadows psychology service. They have therapists who are approved by the adoption support fund.

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