Beginners Guide to Tattoo Removal

Nearly 35% of Americans have a tattoo on their body, and almost half of all the millennials have one. However, some of these people carry the burden of tattoo regrets. The good news is that, although tattoos are permanent, they can be removed through technology. If you have tattoos, which you no longer need, you may seek help from dependable tattoo removal services.

While there are many removal services, not all of them have what’s required to safely and effectively get rid of your tattoos. You need to research properly and consider the following guidelines, especially if you have never removed tattoos before.

  1. Know the Removal Method

Basically, laser tattoo removal is the most effective and common way of getting rid of tattoos. It usually works by breaking the ink down in the lower level of the skin where the tattoo is located by sending a controlled light beam.

This makes ink molecules shatter, and the remains are naturally and gradually absorbed in the body without causing damages to the tissues and cells in the skin. Removing tattoo through Candela lasers is an effective treatment, and patients will take a short time to recover.

  1. Look for a Tattoo Clinic

It would be best to go for a clinic, which sets a reasonable treatment removal times. There are some factors, which affect the number of treatments needed to achieve complete tattoo removal. This might include general lifestyle habits, existing scarring, ink color, skin type, and tattoo size, just to name a few. With these factors in mind, you should work with a clinic that uses a tried and tested assessment tool to offer you an exact estimate of your treatment times.

In addition, avoid settling for second best. Instead, always look for a clinic, which works with experienced and certified laser safety officers. Beyond finding a clinic that has certified laser officers and sets realistic treatment times, you also have to prioritize other factors like:

  • Pre and post-treatment care
  • Treatment guarantee
  • Type of echnology
  • Availability
  1. Understand the Risks of Tattoo Removal

Getting rid of a tattoo completely may, at times, be challenging, especially for individuals who have a dark skin color. Some individuals may also notice changes in the color and texture of their skin during laser treatment. For most people who go through the removal, a series of treatments may be needed to completely get rid of tattoos. This increases the exposure of their skin to laser light, raising the risks of associated complications.

Moreover, the procedure might be uncomfortable and can make you experience pain in the treated area, and if you are not careful, the laser light may also harm your eyes. To avoid these risks, a clinic must provide you with protective gears, such as eye goggles. After the treatment, you also need to keep your skin clean with a petrolatum ointment to minimize the risks of getting infections.

Concluding Remarks!

You probably have a lousy tattoo that you want to hide from prying eyes; maybe because it reminds you of the past, you don’t want to remember or was a drunken mistake. Cover-ups may work wonders for you in the latter cases, and laser tattoo removal might serve as an unfeasible option if you want to completely get rid of the art. Laser tattoo removal might be pricy and hurt a bit, but it’s the best option to get rid of a tattoo, which opens up a healed wound of the past.

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