Designing & Developing A Chatbot For Online Businesses: Find The Best Platforms!

Chatbots have transformed marketing in many ways, adding a more personal touch to consumer interactions. Moving way ahead of script bots, chatbot now rely on AI and machine learning, to offer brand messages to consumers. Hiring a team of developers for designing chatbot may not be economically viable for most small and medium-scale businesses. Chatbot builders basically help businesses and marketers to create bots that they need. Some of the early platforms such as Chatbot4u, still exist, and in this post, we are offering short reviews of five best ones that you can consider, along with tips to consider.

What to expect from chatbot builders?

For building a bot that defines your business, you have to select a chatbot builder that’s reliable, offers assured uptime and is affordable. Most of the better chatbot builders offer a subscription-based service, so you just have to pay a fixed price per month, which is dependent on the services and features. A reliable chatbot builder must allow Messenger integration. Facebook Messenger has more than 1.2 billion active monthly users, and if you create the right bot, you can actually use the platform for chat blasting.

Other features that must be a part of chatbot builders include –

  • Conversation tracking for gaining information
  • Lead generation user flows for improving chatbots
  • Adding chatbot buttons for more interaction
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Growth tools
  • Updating Facebook Ads with Click-to-Messenger Ads
  • Automation of on-site chatting
  • Features like built-in lead magnets
  • Create contest, quizzes and surveys
  • Taking over Facebook Messenger Chabot

Top 5 chatbot builders worth considering

If you are looking beyond Chatbot 4 u, here are some of the best-rated chatbot builders worth considering.

  • Easily one of the best chatbot builders out there, Herobot ensures that you make the most of Facebook Messenger for your marketing needs. The good news is Herobot offers support for a bunch of industries and you don’t need to know the technical jargon to develop an app. We found Herobot support to be incredibly reliable.
  • Another good platform for Facebook Messenger that makes it easy to build bots without knowing much about the technical side of it. Chatfuel works best for smaller requirements.
  • Flow XO. With Flow XO, you get widgets, and can integrate your chatbot with third-party platforms too. Flow XO has a good customer care team, and as long as you can manage expectations, the features are pretty adequate.

  • If you want to build a chatbot in no time, consider ChatterOn. ChatterOn has some great templates t choose from, and as the platform claims, you can make the bot in a matter of minutes.
  • The last one on this list is Botsify, which has got some really good reviews, and you can connect your bot with Shopify, Alexa, and WordPress.

Check the reviews of chatbot builders before selecting one, and consider the pricing with the features in mind. In that department, we found both Herobot and Botsify worth the money spent.

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