Don’t Overlook Your Premature Aging Signs

It is necessary to care for your skin. It doesn’t only make it flawless but also protects it from aging. There would be some inevitable variation over the years, so you can observe the premature aging signs. Are you concerning your skin’s worsening than it should be?

Don’t worry; Dr. Cory Torgerson (MD, Ph.D., and FRCSC) is here to help you is one of the most renowned dermatologists in Canada. He believes that the most significant causes of aging are free radicals and oxidative stress. Moreover, there are a variety of factors that can lead to early aging. Here we elaborated some of them so that it can help you to take the right steps to keep your skin as young as possible.

  • Dull and Dry Skin (Xeroderma)

According to Dr. Torgerson, when the skin aging process begins it no longer exfoliates efficiently (sheds the dead cell layer). Resulting in the dead cells starts building on the surface of the skin, further causing decreased luminosity and glow.

  • Brown Spots

The emergence of brown spots is one of the most visible and revealing symptoms of aging. “Black spots, age spots, sun spots, or liver spots usually occur on vulnerable areas of skin and can be aggravated by over sun exposure and the natural cycle of aging. Furthermore, biology, stress, and deficiencies in vitamins can also be partly responsible.

  • Lost Volume around the Face

Aging doesn’t hit only your skin, sometimes the bony structure of the face also changes. It looks like you have a loss of volume around the face that includes jaw bone shrinkage eye socket enlargement, and the loss and drop of fatty compartments.

  • Wrinkles and Fine Lines


Wrinkles are a natural part of aging, but when you observe wrinkles emerging in a manner that is much more severe than your peers, it shows symptoms of premature aging. Most females notice aging on their face around their 40s. However, some may see these changes in the early to mid-30s due to a lot of sun exposure.

  • Thinning Of the Lips

Another telltale sign of aging is thinning lips. The primary reason behind the thinning of lips is the decreasing production of collagen. Less collagen is produced with increasing age. You can avoid thinning of the lips by applying a lip balm with sunscreen on your lips.

  • Deep Vertical Lines around the Mouth

Clear vertical lines can be seen across the mouth when the lipstick bleeds into the lines. This can be caused by smoking or by sunlight, as well as genetic issues. Yellowish color and thickening in this region may also be seen around the mouth.

  • Leathery Chest

Leathery-appearing skin on the chest is another sign of aging. As the moisture and collagen of your deplete over time, it causes a leathery chest. Bad lifestyle, over sun exposure, and smoking accelerate the aging process.

Wrap Up Things

There might be certain factors of premature aging that signals you to consult a dermatologist. To epitomize, sunspots can be hard to differentiate from moles or other spots in the early days. Only a skin specialist can find out the exact cause of the spot or discoloration that it is a sign of another severe health condition or not.

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