Experts’ Global – End-to-End MBA Admission Consultancy

Experts’ Global’s comprehensive MBA admissions service ensures that the student can comfortably finish the MBA admissions process. The team not only takes care of all the aspects of the application process but also guides the student on recognizing and presenting his/her strong aspects before the admissions committee.

The following section briefly summarizes the features that make Experts’ Global masters of their art.

Guiding Principle

First and foremost, the admissions mentors at Exerts’ Global work on the principle of student-teacher relationship instead of seeing them as “clients”. Thus, as good teachers responsible for their student’s career, the Experts’ Global team also dedicatedly works to ensure their students’ success.

Interview Training

The MBA interview preparation process at Experts’ Global starts the moment the applications are submitted because the team here wants to optimize on the time so as to accord the maximum benefit to the student. Thus, the student, first, watches a set of videos detailing the details of the interview training process. Then, the student answers a list of 30 commonly asked MBA interview questions, following which the interview mentor conducts a mock interview session. Each of these mock sessions is followed by feedback and review that help the student understand his/her progress.

End to End Admission Consulting

Experts’ Global, dedicated as they are to ensure the student’s success, offers end-to-end admissions consulting services. Thus, a student who is enrolling with Experts’ Global can rest assured that all aspects of the application process including theme-building, resume-writing, application management etc., will be taken due care of by the firm.

Team Quality

The MBA admission consultants’ team at Experts’ Global is comprised of exceptionally motivated individuals who are thoroughly acquainted not only with the admission process of each of the B-schools but also with the program information of each of the top-ranked B-school, around the world. Besides, the Experts’ Global teams are extremely organized, which makes it incredibly easy to maintain contact with them.

Rich Content

Experts’ Global offers a spectrum of self-study resources. Thus, a range of instructional videos acquaints the student with the nuances of the myriad aspects of the application process, for example, resume building, essay drafting, application management, etc. This helps the student to develop a clear concept of the application process. Importantly, students may opt to complete the process independently, should they so desire.

Well Defined Application Process

Experts’ Global follows a system of milestones. A set of well-defined timelines to be completed by both the student and the mentor, these milestones help keep track of the various application requirements and deadlines for individual schools thereby making the entire application process seamless and convenient.

Clear Feedback

Feedbacks are a way to help the student improve. The Experts’ Global team believes that it is incumbent on the student to recognize and understand his/her shortcomings to be able to improve upon the same. Hence, the system of providing honest feedbacks becomes helpful in ensuring thorough progress of the student.

School Shortlisting

It is but natural for an MBA aspirant to be confused by the sheer variety of available courses. It is not only enough to apply according to the top-ranked programs, one must also take into account such factors as sync with profile, scholarship opportunities, career goals, location, and duration of program, among others, in shortlisting the schools. The Experts’ Global MBA admissions team knows perfectly well to screen profiles to find the perfect match with a school.

Theme Building

Experts’ Global admission consultants understand the importance of theme building. The writers at the firm thus strive hard to join the individual episodes of professional histories and career ambitions to draft a singular compelling narrative.

Undoubtedly, Experts’ Global follows a structured approach, backed by thorough research, to complete a complex and often counterintuitive process. Needless to say, thousands of students, worldwide, prefer Experts’ Global to complete their MBA application process.

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