Factors to Consider When Choosing a Relocation Services Company

 Preparing to relocate because of work requires so much thought. And can sometimes prove to be draining and time-consuming. By taking your time to assess the content of your relocation package, you get to identify areas that you could do with more help. And know how to negotiate with your employer for the relocation packages that best fit your needs.

In this post, we review some of the perks included in a relocation package, methods for delivering a relocation package. And how to choose the best relocation services company.

Let’s discuss.

The perks included in a relocation package

  • Familial support

When you want an employee to move closer to your office, it is crucial to remember that they are likely to have family members who depend on them. In most cases, it makes sure to help them relocate their family members as well. Sometimes that could mean helping their spouse find a job in a nearby location, providing people who can offer child care in the next home. And finding the right learning institution for their schooling children.

  • Full service moving assistance

For most moves, transporting household goods from one location to another is a nightmare. That is because of all the work that goes into packing, lifting heavy items, labeling, arranging, etc. However, most relocation packages will ensure to reimburse their employees for these services.

For this reason, having a moving partner as a company saves your employee from all these hustles. That means that they don’t have to waste time looking for a reliable mover. Or risk working with scammers for their relocation.

  • Home finding expenses

Finding a new home is a challenge for most people, especially if you’re not conversant with the location in question. For that reason, the employer needs to do their research to find the perfect home for their employee. And figure out ways that will help them settle and adapt fast.

The package should include a home-finding trip where the employee can also help to search for their preferred home. And familiarize themselves before the big move.

  • Insurance

Another crucial component that can get included in the relocation package is adequate insurance coverage. That way, your employee is assured that their belongings are safe. And will get replaced in case of theft and damages. Or nothing that might happen during the moving process.

  • Auto travel reimbursement

Sometimes a company may be required to factor in auto travel reimbursement as part of their relocation package. That means that they will need to repay the employee for the amount of gas or mileage used to travel to their new location.

  • Temporary housing

Another area that an organization might help within their relocation package is arranging a temporary house for their staff. If the employee cannot find a decent accommodation within the agreed timeline, the company may offer to pay for temporary housing for a set period. That allows them to choose the ideal house to move into even as they work.

Types of relocation packages

  • Lump-sum

The lump-sum package entails the company giving a set amount of money to cater for their moving expenses. The employee is responsible for using the money to hire a moving service company. And pay for any necessary changes that facilitate a smooth move. In this case, the employee has to assess the best use of the money they receive.

  • Reimbursement

The relocation package allows the employee to cater for all moving expenses with the knowledge that the employer will refund them a specific amount after relocation. That means that the employer/company gets to cover most if not all the moving expenses incurred. For this reason, the employee must keep all their receipts to facilitate accurate reimbursement.

  • Third party relocation

The relocation package entails a company outsourcing a relocation service to assist with the employer’s move. In this case, the employer has much direct involvement since their company takes up all their moving responsibility.

  • Direct billing

When employers have working relationships with specific moving services companies, they let them handle the move. And have the payments made to them directly.

How do you choose a relocation service company?

  • Consider your budget

Before hiring a relocation service company, you need to have a clear budget beforehand. That way, you will get to work your way around it so that you don’t have to suffer losses at the end of it all.

The ideal relocation packages company offers cost-effective pricing for their services and respects your budgetary goals.  They will aim to develop a program that aligns with your financial capabilities. And ensure competitively priced services that you can afford.

Such a relocation company has your best interest at heart. And will give your employees a smooth and effortless transition to their new location.

  • Customer-focused

When choosing a relocation service company, you want to ensure that they are customer-focused. But how do you assess this? The ideal relocation company has staff who listens to your needs intently and works their way around to help them get met.

Their staff is also resourceful, capable, positive, and integrity-driven, meaning that you get to enjoy the best professional services.

 Also, the relocation service company should understand that every company culture is unique. And aim to know what you stand for and how you like your needs addressed. Their communication lines should be open all through. And their staff are willing to address any concerns regarding their move.

Such services make your employee feel valued and their transition as bearable as possible.

  • Experience

Before hiring a relocation service company, you want to ensure that they have been in the industry for a while. Such a company has handled varying moves. And know what works for each.

Also, an experienced company gives you the expertise they have acquired over the years. And know various people who can help to make your employee’s transition effortless. That may include the best schools in a given locality and the best houses within their price range.

Final thoughts

The perks of hiring a relocation service to facilitate your employee’s move cannot be underrated. The tips discussed above will give you more insights and help you make the right decision with your mover.

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