Four reasons safety is key on construction sites

Construction industry faces many risks ranging from supply chain issues to rising interest rates and higher costs. With so many spinning plates to balance, it’s all too easy to forget about one of the most fundamental risks of all – safety standards.

So, why is this often-overlooked factor so important?

In this article, we’ll share four reasons safety is key on construction sites.

  1. It reduces work-related accidents

An alarmingly large number of workers are injured on construction sites. In fact, data from Health and Safety Executive (HSE) shows that the construction industry accounted for 1/3 of all UK workplace fatalities in 2022/23.

The industry also accounts for a significant number of workplace injuries that don’t lead to death. Many of these occur due to slips, trips and falls, insufficient training or handling heavy objects without the use of proper safety equipment such as lifting slings. Proper site safety helps eliminate the risk of these unnecessary accidents occurring.

  1. It protects the public

Workers aren’t the only people that can be harmed by an unsafe construction sire. Most sites are located in busy areas close to the general public. If the proper safety measures aren’t in place, then innocent bystanders can be the victims of falling objects or other hazards.

  1. Helps save time and money

Workplace accidents require investigation, especially when someone gets injured. Work can’t continue until the root causes are found and rectified. Projects get delayed and every lost minute drives up overall costs and eats into profits. Any compensation claims made by injured workers or members of the public only exacerbate the issue. Making site safety a priority mitigates this risk, helping projects finish on time and on budget.

  1. It can improve project results

High rates of injury and work-related illness can lead to workers being unhappy with their jobs. Unhappy workers tend to be less productive and conscientious about their work. This means that workplace safety can have a direct impact on both profits and standards of work. It’s worth site managers investing in safety improvements if they want the best results for their projects.

The bottom line…

Safety is of paramount importance on construction sites. Not only does it keep workers and member of the public safe from injury, but it also keeps projects profitable and results at a high standard. Take a closer look at your construction sites and see where you can tighten up on safety.

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