How do I score good marks for class 10 ALL SUBJECTS?

Every student has one serious question in their minds especially when exams are coming up i.e How should I score good marks in all the subjects in my board exams? So, this article is going to answer this question of every student.

Since the class 10 board examinations will be the first board exams, it is common for the students to feel nervous regarding how they are going to read the syllabus in time, how to manage time in studying, etc. So, here are the essential things that you must practice to score good marks in all the subjects.

  • Know the syllabus and exam pattern: The first and foremost thing that you must do to score good marks in your exams is to know your syllabus and exam pattern well. If you are well aware of the syllabus, you can know the weightage that each chapter or topic would contribute to the exam. And also, Once you know the syllabus, you can differentiate the important topics from unimportant topics. This way, you can spend more time preparing the important topics. The same goes for the exam pattern too. 
  • It is recommended to keep your syllabus and exam pattern handy so that you can able to access them any time you get a doubt. 
  • Planning the study timetable: The next step is to plan your study hours effectively and efficiently. Generally, many students fail to organize their timetables. They decide to read all the tough topics or all the easy topics of all the subjects on the same day. Thus, most of the students give up easily after some time. So, the timetable that you prepare must be realistic. You can always take a hard topic from subject-1, a medium topic from subject-2, an easy topic from subject-3, and so on. This way you will either be bored and the syllabus will be completed as well. 
  • Know your weak and strong subjects: what are the weak and strong subjects or topics? Once this question is answered, put extra time and effort into your weak subjects or topics. If you are unaware of your weak and strong subjects, then no problem you can always find them easily. Take a deep look into your preboard exams and class tests and observe where you lost your marks. Write down your mistakes. With this, you can get a clear idea of weak and strong areas.
  • Reliable study sources: To score good marks in all the subjects in your board examinations, then it is very important to choose the right study sources.  With a lot of books available in the market, it is common for the students to get confused in selecting the right books for preparation. Since the CBSE board has endorsed NCERT books for board examinations, it is important to prepare NCERT books thoroughly. 

Perks of reading NCERT:

  • NCERT books are completely according to the syllabus of the CBSE board. So you can cover all the topics of the syllabus without missing any.
  • NCERT books are easy to understand 
  • Many questions from the exercises of NCERT books appear every year in board examinations.
  • Note making: When you are preparing for the exams, it is important to make notes of what you read especially in NCERT’s. It is going to help you in two things.
  • Firstly, it helps you understand the topics a little better
  • Secondly, the notes will be a great help in revision time. During your revision, you can just glance at it for important points in a specific topic instead of reading the whole material or textbook.
  • Solve previous years’ question papers:  With efficient planning, any student can definitely cover the syllabus. But to know to what extent you succeeded in your study, it is necessary to solve the previous years’ question paper.  Also, solving previous years’ question papers will give you a rough idea of how the questions are being asked from each topic. This rough idea can be a great help to you. The CBSE previous years’ question papers class 10 PDF is available on the internet easily. Anyone can access them easily through mobile phones or desktops. It is always recommended to solve at least the last 5 years of previous question papers. Solving previous question papers can keep you in check of your study progress. 
  • Take your pre-board exams and class tests seriously: Along with solving the previous years’ question paper, you need to take your pre-board and class tests too seriously. This gives you more practice in each specified topic of all the subjects. Remember, “Practice makes a man more perfect”. The more you practice, the more you become perfect in the subjects.

Things to remember for the examination: 

Preparing for the examination and how you do in the exam are two different things. Some students prepare very well during their preparation phase yet they don’t score well in exams. So, here are the things you need to remember on how to attempt your paper.

  • Paper Presentation: Even though you know the concept well, if you cannot present it well in the exam, then it is obvious you lose marks.  Because the examiner doesn’t see your hard work, he only gets to see your answer paper. That is why you need to present your answer paper with utmost care. The points that you need to remember in the paper presentation are
  • Neat and clean handwriting
  • In case of subjects like English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Social studies Underlining the important phrases and sentences
  • In the case of maths, putting the answers in a box

The above are just a few things. You can always ask your, teachers or friends, for more tips.

  • Time management: When some students fail in paper presentation, some fail in time management. You should plan to write your exam in such a way that you should complete it well before 5 min. 

Conclusion: So, if you are a student who is yearning to score good marks in all the subjects, then do follow the above things. Thus, You can beat easily more than 90% in every subject.

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