How Entrepreneur Miki Agrawal Is Disrupting Age-Old Industries With New Ideas and Better Execution.


As the founder of such innovative and disruptive businesses as THINX and TUSHY, Miki Agrawal has become not just a household name but also a disruptive force in a number of taboo industries.

Breaking into the world of entrepreneurship, Miki Agrawal began with a farm-to-table pizza eatery named WILD. After finding success with her efforts, Agrawal realized that she was ready to take her efforts to the next level while carving her own path through the world as a disruptive force.

Most recently, Miki Agrawal has been highlighted for her efforts in alleviating the taboo nature of conversations regarding menstrual cycles and toilet bidets. Let’s take a closer look to better understand how Agrawal is changing how Americans discuss these topics.

Innovation in the Taboo Arena

Miki Agrawal takes a bold and innovative approach when it comes time to market her ideas and concepts. She wants her products to grab the attention of shoppers while giving them something unique, entertaining, or at the very least, smile-inducing. Agrawal has utilized both humor and the importance of shock value to really push her Tushy bidets and THINX sustainable underwear.

Agrawal has utilized a multi-attack approach to getting her products in front of the eyes of millions of potential shoppers. From billboards to viral videos, Tushy has utilized marketing that embraces the taboo while touching on irreverence. As a result, Tushy has carved itself into a corner of the industry with a loyal following.

Miki Agrawal’s work has long been characterized by her passion and willingness to enter into arenas that are commonly left behind by a fear of the taboo. Thanks to her forward-thinking efforts, Agrawal has appeared on Frobes’ Top 20 Millennials on a Mission list. She was revered for her work as a speaker, author, and female empowerment advocate.

Improving Upon Concepts, Bringing Sustainability

While Miki Agrawal has certainly garnered positive attention and praise thanks to her efforts in bringing solutions to taboo subjects, she has also earned attention for her work in sustainability.

Marketing prowess is one thing, but Miki Agrawal has built her company’s identity around the concept of unwavering sustainability. Understanding the importance of eco-consciousness, Agrawal has worked hard to ensure the positive impact of her businesses. Tushy works to upend the consumption of toilet paper while negating environmental impacts and preserving water along the way.

Another way that Miki Agrawal has brought sustainability into the fold of her work has been through THINX, which prioritizes reusable and sustainable menstrual products. An added layer of Agrawal’s work has been to donate a portion of all proceeds to support menstrual equity as well as access to basic hygiene.

Additionally, Miki Agrawal has partnered her work at TUSHY with the work being done at GiveLove. GiveLove is a non-profit organization that actively works to improve sanitation conditions in underserved communities, providing sustainable waste management practices along the way while helping those in need.

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