How to ensure your car lasts longer

You buy a car worth millions of dollars, and in three years or so, you’ve to replace it because it has developed a mechanical problem. That can be such a traumatizing experience. You need to stay for long in your car. Often times, the problem is not the car type but how you’ve maintained.

How then do you keep your car in perfect condition so that it stays for long?

Servicing regularly

This may look so obvious but is one of the most overlooked things. It’s easy for a modern car to exceed their service time without your notice. The reality is that you’re straining your engine. Having your vehicle frequently checked, even more times than the service interval, will ensure that it lasts longer. That ensures every part is functioning well, and therefore you will not have inconveniences, and again, you’ll not need to spend more on spares.

Don’t ignore issues

Sometimes you may notice a strain when starting your car or a vibration that you’ve not heard before. That is not something you can ignore- the best thing is to stop and find out what the problem could be. It may mean that you call the mechanic immediately for a fix. Imagine you ignored some funny noise only to realize that the radiator wasn’t working, and the car catches fire.

The little things that you ignore could cost you big time if left unchecked. If you own a car, you know there’s no hurry in all you do. Take your time and attend to the car in time.

Avoid skimping on oil.

The lifeblood of the engine is oil, and contaminated one shortens its life. If you want to have it smooth with your car, invest in quality oil, and avoid cheap ones as per the manufacturer’s recommendations. One thing you should always remember is the oil change intervals. As you change the oil, ensure you replace the filter and instead of using engine flush.

If you’re tired of changing oil after a few miles, then you may need to consider buying a vacuum oil extractor. That will make it a quick and painless affair because the oil is extracted through the dipstick tube. That helps you avoid messing the underneath the car.

Keep it clean

Keeping your car clean is a way of prolonging its life. As obvious as it may sound, dirt and grime may encourage rusting. Although its body may be galvanized, very few are resistant to rust. If you neglect suspensions and bushings, their life expectancy is shortened, and therefore you need regular washes and occasional polish sessions.


 Starting an engine from cold is dangerous. This is because cold oil is less vicious, and as you start the motor, it’s sitting in the oil pan. Before it becomes effective, it has to warm up and, therefore, can be pumped around the engine to lubricate other essential parts.

Quality spare parts

If you want your can to have a long life, invest in quality spare parts. There are so many online auto spares shops, but very few sell genuine parts. Using low quality or fake spare parts may cost you big time. Look for a reputable spares company like that sells original/ genuine auto parts. Thus you’ll be sure your car’s efficiency is optimal.

To ensure your car lasts long and gives you excellent service, you need to pay attention to the details like regular maintenance, genuine parts, cleaning, and such routine checks that will ensure it’s functioning well.

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