How to Get Sales and Marketing Data of Indian Companies

India is one of the largest consumer markets in the world. The Indian consumer base’s diversity presents a lucrative opportunity for several businesses to widen their operations and/or enter the market. As the businesses are now ushering into the post-COVID-19 lockdown phase, the sales and the marketing professionals are keen to discover new business opportunities and generate a healthy list of potential business leads.

This is where the sales and marketing data of Indian companies play an important role. Many services in India offer company data to help businesses gather critical data they need about their potential partner or collaborator. These companies are essentially database providers, which are useful for marketing professionals to get an insight into the company.


How do Database Providers Help?

The data that the Indian company database provides consists of headquarter information, demographic information and functional contacts. It allows a company to narrow down on their target audience based on industry classification, SIC codes and much more. Using the multiple filters criteria available on the platform, businesses can easily narrow down their search to the companies that have the potential or propensity to spend. This helps businesses increase their sales, by reducing the time taken to sift through multiple databases to arrive at the perfect target group.

Factors to Consider While Selecting a Database Provider

  • Make sure to look for a database company that granular data on local Indian businesses. Such database providers can provide their subscribers with critical information that is required to increase sales.
  • While the right data is crucial, alerts about target companies is also important. Look for an information service provider that sends alerts and notifications on various entities periodically. This will enable the subscriber to make informed decisions quickly.
  • Make sure that the information provider has a strong internal data governance process. That way the subscriber can be sure of compliance adherence.

When Should You Consider Subscribing to a Database Provider?

Companies looking to expand their business or increase sales should engage the services of a database provider. That way the sales teams can spend less time searching for the right prospects. It helps reduce time and efforts.

How to Find Data on Companies?

Once a company has subscribed to the services of a database provider, one can use multiple filters available to narrow down the search and finalise the target companies. Once the target group is identified, the contact details of the decision makers can be pulled from the platform.

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