IAS Preparation Strategies and an Overview of UPSC Free Materials for Preparation

Candidates have to choose the right IAS preparation strategy and also make sure that candidates are able to make use of the UPSC free materials. This article will throw light on the IAS preparation strategies and UPSC free materials.

Candidates’ probability of successfully clearing the UPSC Civil Service Examination is highly dependent on the IAS preparation strategy envisaged and implemented during the preparation phase and the utilization of right materials for preparation. There are plenty of articles from BYJU’S which are available for free over the internet. The UPSC free materials provided by the BYJU’S will not compromise on the quality of the content shared for free with the aspiring candidates.

Before beginning the IAS preparation, candidates should study the syllabus very carefully. If the syllabus is not studied carefully, then, during the course of the preparation, candidates will feel as though they are trying to conquer the ocean. The syllabus is very vast, hence one has to be methodical while preparing because one has to understand the boundaries of the syllabus. Once the candidates are clear about the syllabus, the next step should be to refer to the UPSC Civil Service exam previous year question papers. This is extremely important to understand the nature and type of questions that are asked in the Civil Service examination. Having an excellent idea about the questions that were asked in the previous years examinations will give a sense of direction in which the preparation has to be steered by the aspiring candidates of Civil Service examination.

Although plenty of resources are available in the market, candidates have to be very careful about the resources that they choose, in the course of their IAS preparation. Some of the best resources available in the market are Yojana Magazine, Kurukshetra Magazine, Science Reporter Magazine, The Hindu Newspaper, NCERT Text books, etc. Yojana Magazine covers various socio-economic issues in the country. Kurukshetra Magazine emphasizes on the issues related to rural governance. All the 3 magazines mentioned here are published by the Government.

BYJU’S study materials are an aggregate of all the above mentioned materials including other sources. There are plenty of NCERT notes available with BYJU’S which can be used by the candidates. NCERT is an important resource for civil service exam preparation. Some of the daily coverage of current affairs by BYJU’S are This Day in History, Topic of the Day, Sansad TV Perspective, All India Radio (AIR) Spotlight, Best of Press of Information Bureau (PIB), and Comprehensive News Analysis (CNA). Students should also refer to the Yojana and Kurukshetra magazine analysis provided by the BYJU’S. Candidates should completely utilize the UPSC free materials of BYJU’S mentioned in this article and increase their chances of clearing the UPSC Civil service examination.

The Hindu newspaper is an important source of information. The BYJU’S will provide The Daily Hindu newspaper video analysis. This is an excellent resource of UPSC free materials.  Some of the Weekly coverage of current affairs by BYJU’S are Economic and Political Weekly (EPW), Economy This Week, Weekly Current Affairs Webinar, Current Affairs Quiz, International Relations This Week.

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