Intelligent Ways to Attain Backlinks from Authoritative Websites

Backlinks mean links pointing to your website from other sites. It is a crucial algorithm search engine applies while ranking. Besides, acquiring more organic traffic is always welcome.

While crawling across the WWW, search bots check the backlinks to get an idea of how your webpage relates to the other website it is connected with. There are more than 200 algorithms that search engines consider but backlinks are a crucial SEO metric.

Acquiring quality backlinks is a challenge but not impossible. On BusyFox, you can obtain good information on how to make good backlinks.

Intelligent ways to attain backlinks from authoritative websites

Broken link building technique

In this technique, contact the webmaster and report a broken link on their website or blog in a friendly way. Tell them that they are linking to unavailable resources and offer the broken link’s exact location for them to find with ease.

Offer some alternatives for those link replacements including your website. Reporting broken links can bring a reward from the webmaster offering quality backlinks but don’t be greedy because some webmasters refuse.

Use infographics

Infographics attract traffic and help to gain valuable backlinks. Visual data is popular because they are easy to understand as well as share. Therefore, there is a demand for infographics today.

There is a myth that creating infographics is costly. It is a wrong notion because when you consider the number of quality backlinks you will receive; especially when the infographics go viral the cost will seem cheap.

Find a good designer to design visual content using statistical data. Distribute your infographics on multiple directories and share them on social media. Ask for feedback but avoid asking for a direct link.

Reap guest blogging benefits

Guest blogging is a proven way to reach new prospects. Publish content on authoritative blogs or publishing sites and gain more exposure before new audiences. Even if it does not tap backlinks, guest posts help to enhance your online reputation. You can leverage relationships and gain more visibility.

Build internal links

A good internal linking framework allows users to navigate with ease across your site and enhance their user experience. For blog success internal linking is crucial.

Write testimonials

Writing testimonials takes a few minutes but you earn a backlink from the authoritative website’s homepage. Ensure to write testimonials for relevant products and content.

Content promotion

Valuable content will not attract backlinks unless it is promoted correctly. Take action to promote your contact through emails or social media. You can contact influencers and webmasters with a message, quick intro, and link to your exclusive guide or tutorial.

If your resource is found useful, they will link back in their weekly roundup. Bloggers are consistently looking for helpful content therefore they will certainly be pleased to receive your message and link.

Check the latest dofollow backlinks list online to enhance your visibility and ranking. A website needs to gain quality backlinks from established blogs for acquiring top-rank on Google search.

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