Is the Project Management Certification Relevant for you?

All project management consultants should acquire a certification, to add more value to their portfolio and business. Earning a certificate is required to build credibility, launch a successful practice and also ensure accreditations to the organization. This is why all managers are advised to enroll and complete project management training programs from reputed institutions. Project management is an effective way of handling change that can in return support the organization with a systematic way of handling things. With the right skill and knowledge in project management, a person will be able to control tasks and also monitor change effectively.

Why project management courses?

It is important to master project management through a professional course. That is because both the individual and the organization would reap benefits from the knowledge gained. First of all, the project manager would have a complete understanding of what the project demands. Thus, he/she will be able to allocate resources and make a realistic commitment to the project. This way the organization doesn’t have to worry about investing unnecessary time or money on a project. Secondly, all stages of the project will be managed efficiently. This is very important. Right from initiation to completion and maintenance, the project has to be managed. Sometimes it is important for project managers to come up with realistic, but rigorous decisions. Only with thorough knowledge, such challenging decisions be made.

Opinion on Project Management Training Programs 

A survey on project managers who have completed training programs like PRINCE2, Change management, and CAPM have provided further information on why Project Management certifications are useful. The survey gave insight into topics like learning a new skill, developing existing knowledge and acquiring practical exposure to the subject. All the project managers claim that the courses have helped them in their day to day tasks. Here are a few benefits of the Project Management courses in US.

  • The courses discuss using a common language that can be understood by anyone in the business domain. This helps in defining better rules and definitions in actual work environments.
  • The courses train people on how to deliver projects successfully.
  • Anyone with certification on PRINCE2 or PMP will be able to bring consistent knowledge into their business practices.
  • The courses focus on better communication, improved leadership skills and awareness on how to handle stakeholders correctly.
  • The courses are also capable of helping you learn techniques and tools that would give your business an edge in the industry.

Key take away from the Project Management Certification

Formal training is known for its many benefits. As mentioned previously, it helps in establishing a genuine communication channel between stakeholders. Also, it gives better insight into leadership qualities and project management methods. When trained project managers engage in meetings, they will have an upper hand. This is assured by the knowledge shared through the training programs. Additionally, these project management courses put together details on how to handle teams right away. Every project team has unique qualities that make controlling the project difficult. With the help of training programs, managers will be able to delegate work in the best possible way. It is important to understand employees and delegate the right tasks to them. This learning comes from project management courses like PMP, BCS, and PRINCE2.

Is the Project Management Course relevant to your role?

PRINCE2, PMP Certification, and APM practitioners have reaped many common benefits from the courses. All these professionals were able to handle change in the best possible manner. Also, they knew what people management required. In the long run, they were able to ensure stakeholder engagement and effective management. Planning, leadership, communication and quality control are the key take away learnings from these courses.

Through these courses, you will have in-depth knowledge of topics like Pert Charts, planning, monitoring tools, risk management, the procurement process, and earned value management. As you become an active member of the project management program, you will be able to use and relate terminologies better. As a result, you will be able to communicate all project requirements in a concise and successful manner with prospective stakeholders, clients, and other project managers. Formalizing topics that are already understood and known by project managers makes this training program a success. With wider case studies and continuous improvement of the coursework – Project Management training is a must for all professionals out there. Thus, by enrolling in a Project Management Certification you will be taking a major, and an important step in your career. This step will increase your career opportunities and add more value to your job profile.

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