Maintaining and Extending the Life of your iPhone LDC Screen

If you own an iPhone, you probably know that the LCD screen on your phone is a sensitive part of your device. LCD screens are used in electronic gadgets like televisions and computer monitors. This kind of screen is made up of ultra-thin layers. Two of these layers are polarized panels and between them is a liquid crystal solution. As light is projected through these layers, the liquid crystal layer becomes colorized and produces the image you see on your phone. The design and material of the LCD screen make it prone to breakage and damage. If your screen is damaged, you should start looking for a reputable supplier of wholesale iphone lcd.

How to Maintain your iPhone’s LCD Screen

If you want to extend the life of your iPhone and keep it in top shape, here are tips on care and maintenance:

  • Ensure the LCD screen is always clean. Usually, the LCD screen only requires regular wipes to remove dust. But, if grime or oil gets on the phone’s surface, use 70% rubbing alcohol and a piece of chamois or flannel for wiping off the surface. Avoid using any ammonia-based cleaning products or glass cleaners, paper towels, or rough cloths.
  • Invest in a protective screen film. This thin and transparent film has a stick-on side that can be applied on the screen’s surface. This will protect it from the usual issues associated with regular wear and tear like scratches. You can peel it off and replace it with a new one every few months.
  • Don’t drop your iPhone. Dropping your phone can break the polarized panels. If this happens, the liquid crystal solution will leak and result in screen distortion. Do not carry your phone around during different activities like exercising and keep it in a protective case. The surface gets extra protection from the rubber, silicone, or plastic barrier against dents, scratches, and dings. Some cases are even designed to shield the phone against shock. They can protect your phone from low falls; however, they do not do much when you drop your phone from a significant height.

What to Expect when the Screen is Damaged

Extensive damage can impact your iPhone’s functionality. But, you can get it repaired by a professional service or consider getting new screens from a supplier of iphone screens wholesale. Having reserved screens will ensure you have something to use in the future. But, ensure you don’t try to replace the screen yourself unless you have the expertise and experience.

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