Peptides for Skin and Hair: All You Need to Know

Thick, healthy, nourished hair complemented with youthful, plump and smooth skin boosts the self-confidence and self-esteem. Your appearance reflects your lifestyle, well-being and imparts a quality influence. The excess of pollution, stressful life and constant momentum have rendered hair and skin in a pitiable position. It has become crucial to give them adequate nourishment, attention and protection. Neglect can lead to premature ageing and hair loss. It is thus necessary to know substances that build up skin and hair strength.

Peptides have proved to be remarkable for anti-ageing and hair growth properties.

What are Peptides?

Peptides are a chain of amino acids that build up protein necessary for skin and hair. They are referred to as mini proteins. They are found in the cell and tissue of the human body.

Peptides for Hair Growth

Everyone needs a certain level of peptides to achieve voluminous hair. An imbalanced diet lacking in protein, stress or disease called Alopecia Areata are major causes of hair loss.

Peptides have a link to every organ. They target and send signals to the cells that can induce a reaction for positive changes. Peptides are smaller proteins. It promotes follicles growth.

  • Acts as a DHT Blocker

DHT the male sex hormone one of the major reason for hair loss in men since it causes the hair follicles to shrink. Copper peptides inhibit the DTH. Thus it prevents the conversion of testosterone into DHT consequently promoting hair growth.

  • Improves Circulation

Healthy follicles are the best way to tackle hair fall. Application of copper peptides increases oxygen levels and allows regeneration of blood vessels in the follicles. Thus it facilitates hair growth from the root cause.

  • Maintains Hair Color

Melanin influences hair colour and copper is an essential micronutrient to produce it. Thus copper peptides aid to retain hair colour.

  • Promotes Collagen

Peptides can build collagen and elastin which permit the increment of fat cells on the scalp. A swell in the fat cells leads to an increase in hair.

Peptides for Skin Care

Peptides stimulate the skin to produce collagen, elastin and keratin. High level of collagen bestows firm and taut skin. Ageing diminishes the collagen production in the body. This causes wrinkles and fine lines.

Many skincare products and supplements have included peptides in them for skin solution.

  • The skin barrier, which protects against toxins and UV rays can be damaged by pollution, smoke and excess exfoliation. Peptides improve and strengthen the skin barrier.
  • Collagen plumps up the skin. Thus it accords a solidified look with reduced visibility of wrinkles.
  • The elastin fibre produced by peptides maintains the resistance of the skin. It looks firm and fresh.
  • Rich in antioxidants, peptides have anti-inflammatory properties. It eases inflammation; repairs damaged skin and evens out skin tone.
  • Peptides may also assist to lock in the hydration of the skin which tends to lower with age.


Therefore, peptide-rich products succour in preserving skin and hair health. It might be a good option to invest in these products. After all, appearance is the first thing that casts an impression!

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