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Popular Mobile Apps for Tax Season

Each year, individuals and businesses are required to arrange their documentation of financial statements and reports to submit their tax returns. As technology continues to integrate more into common society, more users are relying on popular mobile apps for tax season. In essence, these online filing services and tax software ensure that the end-user saves more time preparing and filing tax information, earns higher tax returns, and potentially spends less than hiring in-person accountants.

These digital filing options are now available on users’ mobile devices and apps, which makes preparing, filing, and reviewing tax information easier and quicker. However, it is important to consider that each tax return is different and that there are instances where filing from a mobile phone may not be the best solution. To better assist businesses with developing a mobile app that can accommodate various users with their tax returns, you may reach out to Sunlight Media,, a local app development company in Los Angeles.

What is Tax Season? 

Typically from January to April each year, tax season reminds individuals to prepare financial statements and reports from the prior year and then submit their tax returns. While there are different tax forms available for various employee/employer types, individuals may document both tax relief and tax credit information too.

For instance, individuals may report that a percentage of their finances are contributed to supporting family members, children, and charities. Overall, the taxes collected per individual are reinvested into the economy, health programs, structural expansion, and more.

Online Vs. Personal Tax Accountant

Without a doubt, hiring a personal tax accountant from a credible tax prep agency is a great way to receive your tax returns without the penalty of filing them incorrectly. The tradeoff, however, is that hiring a personal tax accountant may be more costly than the alternative. As technology continues to grow, the number of users switching to an online or do-it-yourself (DIY) personal account is becoming more popular.

For users filing taxes manually, this option appeals most to individuals who are confident in preparing their tax returns, have more time, and have basic filing requirements that will generally lead to higher tax returns. In contrast, individuals with multiple streams of revenue, less time, and more comprehensive and complex tax forms may be more inclined to hire a personal accountant to submit their tax returns. For these reasons, an online tax accountant is a popular alternative as it offers reasonable returns on taxes, offers support, and requires less time than processing all of the documents manually. For more information, users may always search for more tax savings options.

Popular Mobile Apps for Tax Season


With TurboTax, individuals and businesses may better track and file returns easier. The application is available for download on the Apple or Google Play Store and offers additional features for registered members. For instance, the mobile tax application has live online help, audit support, and offers donation and deductible expense tracking. When using TurboTax, users may receive up to five federal filings upon payment. An additional payment would be required to file a state tax return. Moreover, members may enroll in the Pay-With-My-Refund option that saves you more time filing and making payments.

The program offers various versions for users such as free, deluxe, premier, and self-employment. Reasonably, the free version assists individuals with simple tax returns, which include child tax credits, W-2 income, and Earned Income Tax Credit (EIC). On the other hand, the deluxe includes 1099 income, education costs, student loan interests, donations, and mortgage and property tax deductions while the Premier version covers the items listed above and includes additional tax deduction and credits for rental, stock, or refinancing investments and deductions.

H&R Block Tax Prep

With the H&R Block Tax Prep Mobile app, users gain access to various filing features with a clean, easy-to-navigate, and intuitive digital interface. Similar to alternative tax prep apps, the mobile app requests for users to fill out the required fields in regards to household, income, deduction, and credit information. Other responses may include providing information about prior employers, additional income sources, and tax forms that best represent your files. For an additional fee, users may reach out to a professional tax form preparer for assistance in this process.

On H&R Block Tax Prep, users may choose between Do It Yourself (DIY), adding an online assistant, full-service tax preparation, or computer downloading software to prepare and file taxes. The free version includes a W-2 tax form and includes unemployment, retirement, interest, dividend, tuition, student loan, earned income tax, and child tax credits, incomes, and deductions. In regards to features, there are PDF uploading capabilities, step-by-step instructions, live support upgrades, refund options, and tax return backups.


Individuals and businesses may file taxes online using TaxAct. Although there is a free version available, the mobile app also features deluxe, premier, and self-employment versions to accommodate various personnel. As an online tax prep company, the mobile app offers users the ability to manually prepare and file tax returns, choose from different packages relevant to specific tax forms needed, and navigate easily through a simple and user-friendly interface.


IRS2Go is a mobile app free download on the Apple and Google Play Store. The Free Tax Software assists users and businesses with filing for their tax returns and makes linking bank accounts and electronic transfers easy.

To list a few features, IRS2Go has free tax help, user payment gateways, status checks, and frequent tax tips. These features ensure that the end-user saves more money on their returns while properly filling. The user-friendly dashboard offers simple navigation and makes checking return statuses and file uploads easy to follow. For newer users, the tax tips within the mobile app are also seen on their social media to ensure more accurate tax filing.


In conclusion, mobile tax preparation and filing apps are becoming more popular for individuals and businesses. Within the mobile applications, users gain access to user-friendly interfaces, useful tax filing features, and helpful online assistance that makes preparing and filing taxes easier. While some tax situations may depend on more personal and professional accountant assistance, the popular mobile apps for tax season provide value for a majority of its users. Due to the various versions and pricing options, these specific mobile apps demonstrate versatility when assisting various users. Lastly, individuals and businesses may save more time preparing and filing their tax returns, which enables users the opportunity to focus more on other personal and business priorities.


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