San Diego Drug Rehab: Signs of Addiction and How to Intervene

Drug and alcohol rehab centers in San Diego are vast, and they all have a common goal of providing treatment for victims. Once you determine that you need help, you check into a facility and commence therapy according to your problems. If you’re worried your loved one is drowning in drug use, you can’t perform a diagnosis. You need to seek help from San Diego drug rehab professionals to assess and prescribe a treatment for them. Addiction can be daunting, but it can be treated if the victim gets help in time to live a life of sobriety.

Signs of addiction

Since drug addiction can affect anyone, there are many signs to look out for;

Physical Changes

When someone misuses a drug, their physical appearance is the first sign of problems. This is because they spend the most time trying to get and use the drug. They forget bout personal hygiene, change sleep patterns (too much or little), and forget or avoid exercise.

Behavioral Change

Misusing drugs will alter behavior depending on the drug in question. Here are the possible behavioral changes to watch out for:

  • Loss of interest in things dear to them
  • Lack of interest and energy in daily activities
  • Signs of depression and a negative outlook on life
  • Severe mood swings – too happy or extreme madness

Erratic Sleep Patterns

Misuse of drugs leads to unpredictable daily routines and changes in sleep patterns. Drug users can be awake for hours or even an entire night and then sleep at unusual hours. They might also sleep amid conversations or act like a zombie.

Stimulant drugs keep users awake and alert. The stimulation keeps the users high for a while, then crashes instantly. To prevent the substantial impact, drug users continue to use the substance, which leads to dependence and lack of sleep.

Causing and Getting in Trouble

Most drugs in circulation in the United States are illegal and, if caught with some selling or consuming, become a criminal offense, paying fines or imprisonment. The majority of prisoners in many states are incarcerated for drug use. Misuse of drugs can cause medical problems, including Over Dose (OD). Continued drug abuse leads to dependence meaning the victim must keep increasing the dose to experience better effects.

How to Intervene

If any of the above signs are evident in a loved one, they may struggle with substance abuse. Seek advice from a center to validate your concerns. Additionally, an intervention might work if the loved one is in denial. This is where you plan a session with qualified and licensed professionals to talk to them about the effects of drug abuse and ask them to commit to treatment.


Over the past year, San Diego has had a surge in substance abuse among young people. It’s concerning because some of the substances circulating are lethal, and San Diego residents need help from all corners, including counseling online sites to support victims. If you’ve noticed any of the above changes in a loved one, point them in the right direction to get help.

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