Search Engine Optimization for small business during COVID-19

Internet usage is at its highest during the Covid-19 pandemic as more people stay or work at home. Consequently, search traffic to small business websites has also increased significantly. Many consumers are confined to their communities and have to seek goods and services offered by the local businesses.

Therefore, it is imperative for small businesses to bank on digital marketing strategies that will impact their online presence, now and beyond the coronavirus. Best SEO company for small business is a platform that is assisting enterprises to improve their online presence. Here are some top tips to help you overhaul your website.

  1. Revise your keyword search

It’s essential to know which terms attract the most traffic and include them in your SEO strategy. Search engines such as Goggle give significance to the words and expressions used in title tags.

When you use audience metrics, you can tell specific keywords that are trending. You can also determine the website pages that are reaping substantial benefits from your SEO strategy.

Keywords change depending on the prevailing circumstances. Words that were trending months ago may have changed today. It is, therefore, essential to alter them according to the current search habits.

  1. Check your content

Searchers will visit your website and follow through if the content is useful to them. In the past, keywords would be stuffed regardless of how the content word affected customer usability. This practice has changed, and today, writing for the client comes first, then the SEO algorithm.

  1. Update the content

After checking the quality of the content mentioned above, it’s also essential to refresh that content. You can do this by revisiting old blogs and revising them to give them a new look.

  1. Prioritize your home page for local SEO

There are various ways you can achieve this.

  • Optimizing your firm’s homepage– Understanding the elements of your business is crucial for search engines. The information on your title page and header tag should clearly state your location, who, and what you do.
  • Meta description- An impressive meta description improves the organic performance of your website. A 150-160 characters snippet can summarize your page content and influence click-through rates.
  • Add a local schema- It helps to focus more on the nitty-gritty of each product and service offered by your company.
  • Update your NAP citations- Your business listing on Google My Business should be a replica of every page on its sites page. Your NAP (Name, Address, and Phone) appears in the footer of your website. If you have many locations, it’s imperative to create a new page for each of the sites and apply for a consistent NAP.
  • Instant social media alerts- Every small business seeking to beat the virus should have social media alerts that point to its location. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are a bonus when ranking for local SEO.
  • Prioritize feedback– Votes of validation are crucial to your business. Clients refer to them to confirm if you’re who you claim to be. Search engines use customer reviews as a parameter when ranking your website in their algorithm.

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