Thriving at the Top: Kevin Modany Offers Key Insights for Executives and CEOs


Kevin Modany of Bluerock Partners took time out of his day to discuss the essential skills that both seasoned and novice CEOs must acquire so that they can become effective leaders. A well-developed corporate leader and high-level executives can utilize these skills to encourage growth while challenging their team to excel.

Let’s look closer at how new and expert CEOs can continue developing their leadership skills in today’s enormously competitive corporate landscape.

Leadership Skills for New CEOs

New CEOs must take leadership roles while utilizing their professional backgrounds and skills to succeed. Whether new to the industry or an expert already, Kevin Modany suggests following a few key ideas to find prolonged success.

  • Develop a Passion – Executive leaders must delve into multiple aspects of their company’s operational norms. Along the way, Modany advises them to find something that they enjoy most and to build their passion around it. A visionary CEO can help lead their team to success by fueling their own passion.
  • Stay Visible – It can be easy for a high-level leader to stay busy in their office or at other big-picture events. Modany suggests making a point to stay visible to the day-by-day workers. Walking the line, participating in discussions, and even fielding employee issues can be a great way to build trust.
  • Find Your Style – Every single CEO has their own style. Some just don’t know what it is yet. New CEOs should delve into their work in a way that makes them feel comfortable, developing a style intrinsic to how they operate. Kevin Modany suggests making a list of strengths and weaknesses before addressing them both.

Leadership Skills for Seasoned CEOs

While Kevin Modany has focused largely on newcomers to the corporate scene, he also has suggestions for experts already in their field. Modany suggests a few ways to stay ahead of the game while continuing to develop skills.

  • Engage & Inspire Stakeholders – Stakeholders should have insight and understanding into the motivations and needs of the company for value creation. Modany believes everyone should have a voice during these conversations.
  • Master Making Decisions – A sharp focus and quick decision-making skillet can lead to prolonged success at the top of the corporate field. CEOs should train themselves to analyze problems before making laser-focused decisions.
  • Focus on Continued Training – Kevin Modany believes that the CEO is never done training their skills. Leadership training can give corporate leaders the strength to continue developing at the highest levels of their industry.

No matter where you are in your career, Kevin Modany believes that a focus on self-development can lead to success today and for years to come.

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