Tips For Publishing In An Appropriate Scientific Journal

What makes a good scientific journal? The important ingredient is brilliant research. One needs to work with good scientists and in an excellent lab. You will have a chance to absorb much of the scientific work you intend to work on. Develop questions you are investigating and must be of interest to other scientists in the field.

You may choose to work with Bentham Science Open to publish your journal since the company is known to publish technical, medical, and scientific works. Bentham Open has helped many scientists with their literary works. However, to publish a good scientific journal, follow the tips below.

Don’t rush to submit your article for publication

Hasty completion and submission of a manuscript for publication are likely to mess with you. Share your work with a journal editor and reviewer to identify some shortcomings. Being proactive will reduce the chances of being disappointed or your work facing rejection. Ensure that you have a logical flow of activities. Carefully re-read your work at different times and, if possible, at different places. You’ll identify problems and inadequacies you might have overlooked. Share the manuscript with your trustworthy colleagues and perhaps other researchers and request feedback.

Select a good publication outlet

According to the research ethics and policies, you only need to submit your manuscript to one journal. In most cases, inexperienced scholars submit their work to more than one journal at the same time. It’s risky as it leads to copyright issues, which is an embarrassment. Therefore, before you decide to choose a publication outlet, make inquiries from other experienced researchers.

Read the author guidelines of your target journal

After carefully reading your manuscript and feedback from colleagues, it’s time to understand the scope and aim of the journals within the research area you are working on. It will help your manuscript to be accepted for publishing. Also, you can download author guidelines and have your manuscript meet their demands. You need to understand that rejection comes at different times and formats. To avoid rejection issues, conform to the guidelines.

Have an impressive title and abstract

Research work should have an appealing title and abstract. These are incredibly important ingredients of any good manuscript. The title needs to summarize the main article’s theme and other contributions you have reflected on your manuscript. The abstract must be crafted properly. It should have the main aim and scope of your research work, the problem being addressed, methods used, key finds, data collected, limitations, and implications for practice.

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