Tips to score good marks in class 2 maths

Kids start learning right from Day 1 of school. This becomes a continuous process both for the kids and their parents until they reach a particular age. Hence it is important to make sure what they learn is of quality content. Though many people struggle to do it in the end, the majority of them get it done smoothly. However, it is during this 2nd grade there comes a breaking point in this aspect. Though there is no certain proof for this, there can be a few reasons ranging from understanding the ability of kids, ability to think, shift in the education process etc. Hence as a result of this parents and teachers see stumbling times during this particular grade. However it is important enough input is given from the side of parents, kids and teachers at this particular timeline so that it will be easier for the kids to come out of the pit and have a better future. One of those subjects which kids will find tough during this period would be that of maths. Though the content is still simple there might be a few upgrades in the portrayal of the subject as this is the grade where the students need to understand very basic things, memorize, solve etc. So this blockade must be taken off from the road of learning so the process will continue to be smooth without any obstruction. Therefore the following tips will help make a kid of class 2 score good marks in maths.

  1. Basic Counting: As we know that this is the time where the number of games starts rising in the maths subject. So this will be the perfect time to introduce the children to basic counting. As by this time the kids would have already learnt numbers till 2 digits it would be the best thing to start introducing them to three digits. This will not just extend the knowledge in counting numbers but will also help the kids in easy learning of the 2 digit numbers. Hence this is how the number of games is brought in. Thereby basic counting is something which every parent should make their children learn at this stage.
  2. Place value: So as mentioned earlier now is the time where the numbers and counting starts getting bigger in value. This might necessarily confuse the minds of children as they are still in the learning process. And as such, there is not much focus on the place value when the counting is only for one digit or two digits. However, once the counter reaches the limit of 3 digits children must get to learn or know about the place values.
  3. Addition and Subtraction: Now it would be the time to escalate from normal counting of numbers or learning of numbers as there would be a step up in the level of the subject. Children must get to learn addition and subtraction of big numbers or in other words, we can say numbers at least till 1000. This will increase the mental math in children and bring the concept of calculation into place.
  4. Comparison between numbers: So now that they get to know counting, place value, addition & subtraction and various other basic concepts it is important that children can identify the difference and similarities between one and the other. This means that they should know greater numbers, smaller numbers and equal ones. This can be quite seen as the upgrade to the next level as kids get to do basic analysis thereby improvement in this particular trait will also come up. NCERT books class 2 maths has enough content to help in the above.
  5. Real-life understanding: Now that they start understanding basic concepts it is time for them to learn them in real life as well. This is where things such as counting coins, biscuits etc. come into place. Children should be given coins and various other small objects so that they can sting and other fundamentals through real-life objects. This is a multi-faceted learning method because through this kids tend to gain more pictographic memory and also make maths interesting.
  6. Measurements: This is also one ambit which must be looked after at this age. Children must be taught how to measure certain things right from the steps they keep etc.
  7. Teaching time: This will be the best possible thing that will have an umbrella learning to the children. This will help connect many parts of the brain. Through this children will be able to calculate, count, understand and analyse things. This is also one simple way where children can do many things by a simple activity.
  8. Pictures and objects: Now that the children can understand things mainly through what they see, it will be the best thing to show these children various photos, pictures and objects so that they can know them. Again this is also similar to that of time as this is also an umbrella learning process as it does not just focus on a single aspect rather it focuses on various things put together thereby helping children attain overall development in terms of thinking as well.

The above-mentioned are largely specific ones for a 2nd grader to score well in maths however there can be certain others that should be followed by kids to speed up the learning process.

  1. Breaking up of the subject: Things should be made simple so that kids do not lose interest in learning. Maths comparatively being a tough subject it requires to be broken into pieces.
  2. Hand and mind: Calculations and counting of numbers should be made simple by making them do these things both with their hands as well as their brain.
  3. Showing confidence: It is at this stage kids get to show interest in learning so it is important to make them confident about what they learn.

Hence by following both the aspects of mathematics it will be easy for kids such as 2nd-grade students to 2nd-grade match

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