What Are the Best Ways to Consume CBG Oil?

CBG is one of the active ingredients found in cannabis plants. It is made up of many individual cannabinoids like CBD, THC, and CBC, along with terpenes and other substances. CBG oil is extracted from hemp, and it has emerged as an alternative to medications for many symptoms and illnesses. It can provide relief from chronic pain, nausea, inflammatory diseases, and lower stress and anxiety levels.

There are several ways in which you can take CBG Oil. Let us look at the options.

1.      Sublingual Consumption

You can take CBG oil sublingually. It is the easiest way of taking oil. You have to place a few drops of the CBG oil below the tongue with the help of a dropper. Steev’s Goods offer CBG oils in amazing flavors like watermelon, blueberry and pineapple.

The oil will gradually dissolve in the bloodstream. It will take about twenty minutes for the CBG oil to start working if you are taking it for pain and inflammation. For long term inflammatory illnesses and bowel or bladder inflammation, you have to take it regularly for two weeks to see a noticeable difference.

2.      Gummy Bears

You can also take CBG oil in the form of edibles like gummy bears. Gummy bears are easy to come by, and you do not feel like you are taking medication. It comes in a variety of flavors, so there is something to suit every taste bud.

However, when you take the edibles, find out about the dose of CBG oil present in the edibles. Since these are not medications, the dosage may differ from brand to brand. Taking less of it will not provide the desired results, while more can cause nausea or other side effects if you are a new user.

3.      Capsules or Pills

CBG oil is also available as pills and capsules. You have to pop in a tablet with some lukewarm water, or you could take it from a fruit juice. You can expect the CBG oil to start working within half an hour of consumption.

4.      Topical Application

CBG oil is currently also available for topical applications. It is included as an ingredient in balms and salves. You can directly massage the CBG oil on the affected area if you are using it for joint inflammation or muscle strain. You will feel the muscles relaxing and the inflammation noticeably going down. The oil is effective for conditions like rheumatoid arthritis.

5.      CBG Crystals

CBG crystals are mostly available as pure CBG. CBG isolate is only made of its constituent substances. It does not include many of the other compounds found in the cannabis plant. The concentration of THC in CBG crystals can be higher than other forms of cannabinoid products, so find out about the correct dosage from your doctors.

6.      CBG Powder

CBG powder is available in small jars. You can use as much as required depending on your condition. You can dissolve it in juices for consumption, or you could take a little powder and mix it with your food. It is easy to handle and carry.

Its USP is you can use as little as you want, as the powder allows you to be flexible with the quantity instead of a pill, which has a fixed-dose.

What Should You Know Before Consuming CBG Oil for the First Time?

As mentioned earlier, the dosage of CBG oil differs from the form in which it is available. So, while CBG drops might contain 5% CBG, the gummy bears could have only about 2%. The results will also differ whether you are taking CBG oil isolate or whether it comes as a solution. In that case, it could contain other kinds of oil with therapeutic benefits like olive oil or essential oils.

No matter which form of CBG oil you are taking, it could be a few days before you find out which dose works the best for you. However, since CBG is entirely non-toxic, there is hardly any risk of overdosing with CBG oil.

What Is the Best Time of the Day To Consume CBG Oil?

The answer to this question will again depend on the condition you are trying to cure. If you take CBG oil for bowel or bladder inflammation, then taking it twice a day will work the best after breakfast and dinner. If you are taking it for joint inflammation, you could take it in the morning for continuous pain relief for a few hours.

You could again take it once in the evening. Suppose if you are taking it as prevention against Huntington’s disease or Crohn’s disease, the doctor will tell you when to take it. Depending on other medications you might be taking to prevent nerve degeneration.

CBG oil is here to stay, and finding out about the best consumption methods will help you make the most of it.

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