What to remember while renewing Car Insurance?

Buying a four-wheeler is like achieving the next milestone in life. It brings happiness and satisfaction while allowing you to fulfil your desires. You rely on it for travelling to the office or an event with your family. While you enjoy your ride, you also ensure your family members are safe and do not face discomfort or difficulty.

Car Insurance protects your asset and finances from exhaustion. While four-wheeler repair work is costly, it also covers the medical expenses of the third-party person and damage to their property. It also saves you from financial and legal hassles while driving. Hence, you can drive with a peaceful mind and reach your destination. Consider these points during renewal:

Policy type

While approaching your agent for Car Insurance renewal, you get numerous options. An own damage cover for your vehicle helps you stay covered against damage caused to your car due to fire, theft, etc. In case of an accident, the damage cover compensates you for the expense of repairing or replacing parts of your damaged vehicle.

You can also select add-on covers like Zero Depreciation cover, Passenger Assist, Consumables Cover, Safe Engine Cover, GAP Value cover, Key Loss cover, and Roadside Assistance cover from your General Insurance company.

Policy wording

While selecting the plan during online Four-Wheeler Insurance renewal, read the policy wording carefully. They differ between companies. For example, the damage cover is different from an add-on cover. Choose a type that suits your car, but read the terms and conditions carefully before buying them.

Digital communication

Car Policy is compulsory to drive on Indian roads according to the Motor Vehicles Act. It is valid for a year when you pay the premium for renewal. You receive notifications on your mobile and email from the Insurance company or agent, allowing you to choose add-on covers for protection.

Renewing on time

Online Car Insurance renewal should be your priority when you know it is to lapse. You should avoid carrying an expired policy document as it attracts penalties and stands invalid. According to the new IRDAI rules, every vehicle owner should pay the premium during renewal to retain the provider’s No Claim Bonus benefit. You can also visit the website and pay penalties instantly.

Renewal process

Car Insurance renewal online saves time. You must log on to the website and enter the renewal details such as your name, contact number, email address, vehicle registration number, and existing policy number. It protects you from theft, accidents, third-party legal liabilities, or natural calamities. 

You enjoy these benefits and live hassle-free lives with an annual Car Policy renewal. It is beneficial to buy a new plan than roaming with an expired one. The company inspects your vehicle before issuing the new document. Remember the expiry date and renew it on time.


With an online Car Insurance Policy renewal, you benefit from discounts if done timely. It helps you track your renewal dates and set reminders. Access the portal any time without assistance from an agent. You can also compare other schemes and change your provider conveniently.

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