Why Do Students Struggle in Math?

It is important for teachers and parents to place their kids in the best position possible to be successful. During school, kids have to absorb a lot of concepts in a relatively short amount of time. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that students do have issues with certain subjects from time to time. Unfortunately, some kids have a hard time grasping math concepts.

Even though it can be challenging for a lot of children to learn how to do basic math, there are resources available that can help. The first step is to figure out why students have a hard time with math. What are some of the most common hurdles, and what can teachers and parents do to overcome them?

The Basic Concepts Might Not Be Clear

Sometimes, students have a hard time grasping certain math concepts because the class is moving too quickly. For example, if students do not have a basic foundation, they are going to have a difficult time building on top of that foundation. Students have to learn how to do basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division before they can move on to fractions. Students need to learn how to do certain equations to complete advanced concepts. If students have a hard time asking questions, they may not realize they are falling behind. That is why it is important for parents and teachers to use resources such as i-Ready math and reading to make this process easier.

The Method of Teaching Might Not Be the Right Fit

Sometimes, the teaching method is not a good fit for the student. Every student has a slightly different way of learning. Some students might be audio learners while other students might because you will learn. Some students might be handy to have objects placed in front of them to cater to their tactile preferences. Parents and teachers need to think about how their child learns fast. That way, they will be able to adjust the method of teaching to match the needs of the student. This can make it easier for students to grasp concepts in math, allowing them to move forward.

Students Might Not Be Getting Enough Practice

There are also situations where students might have a difficult time with math because they simply are not getting enough practice. It is important for students to practice regularly. There is never going to be a replacement for basic practice. For this reason, parents and teachers need to make sure they give their students enough resources to work on a variety of problems. There are only so many ways to test a single concept. That is why a lot of parents and teachers have already had success using i-Ready math to teach students how to do the math.

Students May Have an Underlying Medical Concern

Finally, there are also situations where students might be struggling because there is an underlying medical concern. For example, some students may have ADHD, which makes it difficult for them to pay attention in class. This can also be an extra roadblock that gets in the way of homework as well. There are other situations where students may simply have a difficult time seeing the board.

In this case, students may need to get glasses. In this situation, it is important to meet with a trained medical professional who can figure out what the problem is. That way, students can get the help they need, allowing them to focus better in class. This could make a difference in learning math concepts. Students need to visit their doctor at least once per year.

Help Students Do Better in Math

These are just a few of the most common reasons why students have issues with math. Even though math is one of the most common problem areas for children, there are ways to make it better. For example, parents and teachers might be able to invest in advanced resources that can make it easier for students to get the help they require. If parents and teachers are able to place their kids in the best position possible to be successful, they will set them up to do well in school down the road.

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