Factors to Consider in Choosing a Life Insurance Policy

If you are the head of the family, you are providing for your family’s everyday needs. You are also the one they look up to as a role model and are the one who is asked for advice concerning important decisions. Having all these responsibilities as the head of the family, do you ever wonder what would happen if you unexpectedly die? What will happen if you figured into an accident that will leave you disabled to work? What will happen to your dependents? Will they be ready to face the world financially without you around? If all these questions catch your attention, you, as the head of the family, are already thinking about buying a life insurance policy.

If you are a first-timer, going to invest in a life insurance policy, you may be faced with a difficult challenge because there are a lot of things that you must understand first before you decide on the perfect policy for you. Remember that a life insurance policy, even if it is final expense insurance from, will still be something that will benefit your family after your death. Hence, you must ensure that the policy you are going to purchase will give your family the most benefit.

The amount of coverage

Since life insurance will protect your family in the event of your death, you must make sure that the amount of coverage will be enough for your family to live a substantial life without you around. The main goal of a life insurance policy is for your family or designated beneficiaries to get cash benefits that will serve as a replacement income for the income that will be lost upon your death. It is important to get coverage large enough to cover three types of costs that your family will have to pay in the event of your death. These costs are the following:

  • Immediate costs

These costs are the immediate expenses that your family must settle in the instance of your death. These may include hospitalization or hospice bills, payments for unpaid credit card bills, and funeral services costs

  • Recurring costs

These costs include all the necessary expenses that your family needs for their everyday living. These include rent, utilities, and payments for groceries.

  • Future costs

These costs are the expenses that your family will encounter in the future. These include sending your child/children to a college education or retirement expenses of the surviving spouse.

To ensure that these three costs are included in your coverage, choose a coverage amount that is at least 15 times your annual salary.

The cost of being insured

The monthly or regular payments that a policyholder will have to pay to be covered by insurance will depend on what type of insurance and the amount of coverage he/she chooses. A large coverage amount will lead to higher term life insurance quotes. However, if a person chooses a longer-term, then the total amount of premium that he/she will have to pay may be lowered if he/she chooses to pay it in monthly installments throughout his/her policy’s term.

The type of life insurance

There are two main categories of policies to choose from. The term life insurance policy will cover you with insurance for a specific term. On the other hand, whole life insurance will ensure you indefinitely. Each of these two main types of policies has its advantages and disadvantages, and therefore, you must be careful in choosing the best for you. If you are still young and are not earning a lot of money, you may start by purchasing an instant life insurance policy with a short term just so that you are insured. These instant life policies or no medical term life insurance policies are cheaper to purchase and are ideal for people who are just starting their careers. However, as a person gets older, richer, and have more responsibilities due to having a larger family, this person may get a longer-term life policy or a whole life policy with final expense insurance from so that he/she can rest assured that his/her family is always protected.

Tweaking Life insurance

There is no one-size-fits-all life insurance policy out there that is ideal for any family. Because of this, insurance companies have add-on benefits, known as riders, which a policyholder can purchase to improve the benefits of his/her life insurance policy. Do you want your spouse to be covered by the same life insurance policy that you have? You can do so by purchasing a spousal rider. You can also assure that you will get double indemnification through an accidental death benefit rider. There are a lot of riders to choose from that can improve your base policy to one that will offer the most protection to your family.

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