Inside the Key Traits and Concepts That Have Made Kevin Modany an Industry Leader as an Executive Consultant.

Problem-solving skills are part and parcel of the toolset that every executive consultant and executive leader should possess. Kevin Modany is an industry leader and an experienced executive consultant with years of work in the realm. Modany operates as the Managing Director for BlueRock Partners, where he leverages his years of experience in management and consultation to help improve daily operations.

Equipped with years of knowledge and nuanced industry experience, Modany carved some time out of his day to highlight the skills and technical knowledge he believes to be necessary for success in the industry.

Let’s explore executive consultancy and how businesses can leverage these individuals to find success in the future.

Defining an Executive Consultant

21st Century Business Practices are best defined by the emerging hurdles and obstacles individuals must overcome. CEOs and senior executives must often find new ways to streamline operations while cutting costs, all while solving problems and assisting customers. Data-driven decisions are increasingly playing a role in these scenarios, and as such, industry leaders need to be ready to approach the table with a data-driven mindset.

Kevin Modany has operated as an executive consultant since 2016, leveraging his skills as a senior executive and Certified Public Accountant to bring insights and resolution to various industry issues.

  1. Digital Platform Expansion – Expanding into digital operations is increasingly important, particularly in the post-COVID landscape that we reside in. Modany suggests that specialized executive consultants are increasingly well-positioned to help businesses while aligning themselves for success in the future.
  2. Business Model Adaptation – Highly competitive industries require quick thinking and adaptation. Business leaders will look to consultants who can find innovative solutions to old business models while bringing new ones to the market, leveraging client feedback during the implementation process.
  3. Strategic Guidance – Additionally, executive consultants will be relied upon to offer strategic guidance in a number of key areas. The strategic analysis could involve leveraging data reports and research studies while familiarizing these concepts with key figures in management.

Core Skills of a Successful Consultant

A successful executive consultant has the ability to not only analyze a problem but to utilize key insights to find a targeted solution for their client. Consultants must be able to adequately explore diverse data points and relevant trends, as Kevin Modany notes.

Additionally, Kevin Modany suggests that prepared executive consultants will have a host of skills involving a few of the following traits:

  • Financial Analysis – A deep look into the numbers and how they impact a business, consultants must be prepared to delve into finances. As a former CPA, Kevin Modany is well-versed in analyzing finances.
  • Data-Driven Decisions – We are increasingly living in a world ruled by optimized and efficient outcomes. Data-driven choices are the lifeblood of executive consultants. Modany says, “We make sure that we’re focused on the right set of data, and we don’t get overwhelmed by it. I think it’s super exciting.”
  • Articulation Skills – Finally, an executive consultant must be able to relay the information that they are presenting in a way that is consumable for all parties involved. Empirical data cleanly presented will always win out in the consulting room.

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