Signs Which Will Help You Determine If Its More Than Common Cold

Runny nose and the persistent irritating cough is usually presumed as a common cold. But sometimes the case can be entirely different. Cold sometimes can be a forerunner to other serious diseases such as sinus, pneumonia, bronchitis and more. Most of the time, we do not feel like treating these symptoms as we wait for it to clear up on its own, but these symptoms have grey areas that need to be addressed on time. Below-mentioned is the signs that signify that it is more than a common cold.

  1. If the symptoms persist for more than 4-5 days 

Healthcare experts suggest that common cold disappears in about 4 to 5 days. Starting with a runny nose, scratchy throat, and congestion, it further develops to cough. However, the nasal drip and cough may linger for a couple of days but most of the symptoms will disappear within the given time. If the symptoms still persist and you still feel terrible, seek medical attention immediately. Also, check out health insurance plans, to incur the medical expenses in case of emergency.

  1. If you have a high fever 

When you are suffering from the common cold, your body might experience a slight fever, which is generally a natural reaction to an acute infection. However, if you are experiencing a high fever, more than 101°F, your body is prone to an underlying infection. Get yourself diagnosed at the earliest as well as stay hydrated.

  1. If you are feeling nauseous and vomiting

It is advised to visit your doctor if you are vomiting and nauseous because these are not the standard symptoms for the common cold. These symptoms point to an underlying digestive problem. In the event of vomiting make sure to stay hydrated and visit the doctor.

  1. If you have an achy body 

The common cold does make you feel lousy for several days, but with proper rest, you start to feel better. If you are experiencing body aches, and each joint is paining and you find it too difficult to perform normal functions even after taking proper rest, this indicates something serious.

  1. If you are experiencing chest pain and shortness of breath 

Shortness of breath and chest pain are the severe symptoms that should not be mistaken as the common cold. However, in case of cold, the body does experience congestion, but it must not lead to difficulty in breathing.

  1. If you have recently returned from an international trip 

Due to the recent outbreak international travel is considered as a red flag by the doctors. If you have recently returned from an international trip and are experiencing flu-like symptoms, make sure to visit the doctor and take all the precautionary actions advised by him.

So, these were some of the many signs that tell you that it is more than a common cold that signifies the need to visit a doctor immediately. Be vigilant, and take the necessary actions without any delay. Also, keep a check on your health insurance (renew if required),so you can financially have peace of mind.

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