How to remember formulas for class 8 maths

It is usually post 7th grade maths that gets interesting as well as complicated. This is because post this grade (i.e) from 8th grade onwards the numbers present in a maths problem goes down rather than the aspect of concepts, formulas and fundamentals start appearing in maths questions. Though this reduces the effort that is required to be given in terms of calculation, counting etc. However they have their own effects as along with these concepts, formulas there comes a complex structure of doing maths. This is because for a student to solve a maths problem it is not enough for him or her to just do primitive things rather they have to use certain things such as formulas, concepts etc. only after which the actual process of solving comes into place. Also that there are some students who either do not have keen interest in the subject or have lower understanding than the others. Hence it is important for these students to go through the following tips so as to help them understand things better as well help them remember things and execute them in order to score good marks in maths exams.

  1. Interest in the subject: This is the first step one should take to start with the process. Though it is not where the actual process starts it is a pre-condition to have a good understanding in the subject. In other words we can say that it is important to have interest in the subject that one studies. If this is not there then a student will not be able to understand, concentrate or have a smooth learning.
  2. Understanding the meaning: Now comes the main part of the discussion. It is the first and foremost point every student must have in mind while preparing maths especially where they have things such as formulas, concepts and other things such as exioms, etc. If there is no understanding then there are chances that we might miss on the process or reasoning behind any formula. Hence this acts as a foundation to remember formulas. Even to mug up or remember things it is not possible without having at least basic understanding.
  3. Visualization: Studying by itself needs an amount of visualization attached to it. However when it comes to subjects or things where analysis is required visualization plays a key role. Therefore subjects such as maths which have so many numbers, concepts etc. in a mixed bag definitely require a certain extent of visualization. If a person cannot grow a sense of visualization they will have the same issue of that of the previous point. This means they will not be able to relate the formulas in accordance with the questions. Hence visualization and understanding concepts at times might go hand in hand when it comes to formulas, procedures etc.
  4. Writing down the formula: For things such as remembrance of concepts, formulas, procedures etc. it is important that the student writes them down now and then. Writing formulas will not just help at the moment of need but also it will help in the long run as for one reason it becomes a practice or custom and for another reason it will be easier to remember.
  5. Practice: Keeping all other points apart practice makes the top note in this. It is important that a person practices these formulas and other related things once and again in a repetitive manner. It will over a period of time bring understanding, visualization, interest and all things together at one place. Thus this will not just make it multifaceted but also easier to score good grades. Apart from all other things nothing makes things easier than a regular practice. Hence it is important to have a regular practice which will even include writing it down now and then whenever and wherever needed. Things such as Exercises 8A of RS Aggarwal class 8 maths solutions will help in regard to the same.
  6. Different channels to learn: At times there are different ways by which a student can learn formulas and procedures. Hence it is important that a student identifies the best suitable way for oneself. Once identification is done it is important to channelize them in the way they want to get it done. In other words we can say that some people can grasp it better when it is in the form of audio, some can understand better if things are written and then there are people who can understand only if they get to see them visually. Therefore identification and channelizing is very much important in learning formulas. If this can be done without any issues then it would be easy for students to remember formulas.
  7. Memory tricks: Though we preach a lot on understanding the formulas and the basic concept behind them it is at times equally important that there is a certain level of memorization as well. One reason being that there are certain things which are required to be memorized else the process would become more tedious and complicated. Hence one should either adapt or create their own trick to memorize it one way or the other.
  8. Concentration: Similar to that of the first point this tip might look quite out of the box but it is important that a person wanting to study or remember formulas must have a calm and composed mind before reading them. It is also important they read and write formulas with utmost concentration. This also means that it is best for a student to stray away from any kind of distraction he or she has.
  9. Good Guidance: At times maths teachers or faculties themselves come up with good idea or ways by which one can learn formulas and remember them. Hence getting guidance from faculties will deem to be helpful to learn some techniques.

Now after learning all these tips and tricks it is important to start using them effectively and properly to get better results.

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