Top strategies to clear JEE MAINS exam

JEE mains is one of those exams in our country where lakhs of students aim for. Nonetheless, only thousands of students get into IIT with the best IIT score every year. Clearing both JEE mains and advances is not easy peasy. To add up to that, you need to prepare for board exams too. Have you ever thought about how could toppers able to do this? This article helps you with some strategies that you can use to clear JEE mains exams.

First of all, the JEE- joint entrance exam- is conducted in two phases. The first phase is JEE mains exams and the second phase is JEE advanced. In the first phase, the questions are medium to hard level. In the second phase, the questions will be completely given from a difficult level. 

Strategies to clear JEE mains: 

  • Know the foundational concepts well: In order to perform well in JEE mains, it is important to read the concepts from the basic level and create a better understanding of all the important concepts. When it comes to JEE mains, you can always read basic concepts to their fullest on NCERT’s. Many students neglect this step and start their preparation from reference books. However, if you are a student who wants to crack the JEE mains exam, then do not miss this step. NCERT’s help you to strengthen your understanding of foundational concepts of the topics from the subjects of Physics, Maths, Chemistry. Once you are done with NCERT concepts thoroughly, then you can start your preparation from reference books. In fact, truth to be told, once you are done with NCERT, you are done with half of your preparation. Thus, NCERT’s play a very significant role in JEE main exam.
  • Don’t mug the solutions: Mugging up the solutions to the questions is a very bad idea, especially for exams like JEE mains. Always develop a curious mind on “how to solve the question differently in various methods”, “what can be the easiest method to solve the problem”. Developing such a mentality can aid not only to crack this exam but also throughout your student and career life. 
  • Solving the JEE main previous year question papers: Students might have already heard of this, but also solving previous year question papers is one of the ‘must and should do” things. At the least, you have to take the last 10 years’ question paper to solve. This can serve some purposes.
  • Helps you understand the important topics
  • Can know your depth of understanding of previous year papers.
  • Attempting Mock tests: Along with the solving question papers, you also need to attempt a lot of mock tests. This can help you to get familiar with changes in questions paper(if any), It also aids you in managing your time management and exam-taking skills. Take the mock tests seriously as if you are writing the JEE mains exam. Mock tests also help you how accurate you are while attempting your exam. It is recommended to take the mock test, once you are done with some portion of the syllabus. So that you can always calculator to what percentage you grasped that part of the syllabus. If you think, you need some more practice then there will be JEE Main sample papers PDF available on the internet. Altogether, all this will enhance your learning and understanding of concepts furthermore.
  • Get a good hold on weak topics and subjects: In order to get a hold on weak topics and subjects, you must focus on your weak subjects. If you feel like a particular topic is hard, then you must take more time to learn that concept well. 
  • Self-evaluation: JEE mains is like a battle where you don’t know who your opponent is. Some students get really nervous thinking of the competition of the exam. Since you are not aware of your opponents, it is important to self-evaluate yourself. Every time, you beat yourself. For instance, you got 50% in one of the mock tests. Next time, beat yourself up. That is get 60% in mock tests. In this way, you can considerably increase your score easily.
  • Stay away from social media and other apps: Since you are aspiring to ladder up in your life and career, you should not risk your time on something unnecessary. You need to deliberately spend your time on the most important things. If you feel like you are suffocating with the preparation process, which is quite common, do spend your time on what motivates yourself further. Let’s say, meditation, yoga, spending with family, going for a walk, etc.
  • Revise wisely: After completion of a certain portion of the syllabus, it is important to revise the topis thoroughly. Regular revision allows you to stick with your concepts for a long time. Allocate a day in a week for revising the concepts that were completed that week. Revision is as much as important as completing the whole syllabus. 
  • Create a serious environment at home: Since you are preparing for one of the toughest examinations, create a serious exam environment at home especially, when you are studying. This helps your long hours of study mush more focused and peaceful.
  • Consistency: This is the point of utmost importance in your preparation. This is also why toppers are cracking the exam and the others or not. If your preparation is not consistent, then it is hard for you to crack the exam. Many students prepare for the exam for 10 hours on their first day. This count reduces to 5 hours the next day. On the third day, they forget that they need to prepare for an exam. Whether it is 6 or 8 hours, decide the time.

Conclusion: Preparing for the IIT JEE Main exam is going to be the hardest road that a student has ever taken in his/her life. But it is all worth it. Through the IIT JEE Mains exam, India prepares the pioneer engineers. If you yearn and desire to join the best IIT colleges in India, then it is important to prepare and work hard. 

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